Behind the Song: Cam’s “Mayday”

“This song is for people who have been in a relationship too long,” Cam says of her latest single “Mayday.”

In an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip, the singer-songwriter gets candid about the relationship that inspired this emotional song.

“I was the queen of long relationships, and I would never get out of them until it was way past due,” she admits.

And this one was apparently one she really needed to exit. There was a lot of drama, some yelling — not the situation you’d ever want to find yourself stuck in.

Fortunately for Cam, when the dust settled and she was finally ready to express her feelings in song, she found her co-writer and producer Tyler Johnson had been there, too. Together, they poured their hearts out in verse with a message for all those thinking they, too, might need to exit a bad relationship.

“You need to trust your gut and move forward and not be afraid that this is all you deserve or this is as good as it’s going to get,” Cam says.

And let her be your example: She’s since found love with Nashville real estate broker Adam Weaver. The two are currently planning their dream wedding.

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