Event Calendar

October 27, 2019

Grady County Youth Steer Feed-Out

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Grady County Cattle Producers will begin their Youth Steer Feed-Out and Carcass Contest with a weigh-in on Sunday, October 27th. 


The contest is open to all Grady County youth from ages 5 to 18.  The contest ends March 22, 2020.
Grand prize:  $1,000
Second place:  $500
Third place:  $250


More details on the Grady County Cattle Producers Facebook page.

Phone: 405-224-2216

Anadarko City-Wide Garage Sale

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The city of Andarko will hold a city-wide garage sale from Friday, October 25th to Sunday, October 27th.

Permits are free, but must be picked up by October 11th at 501 W. Virginia in Anadarko.