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Mollman Media is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is continually welcoming driven individuals to its radio family.  We understand a life of radio is not for everyone.  Be it in the arena of sales or on-air talent some people simply do not have what it takes to succeed in this industry.  Some find that its not as sexy or glamorous as it is sometimes protrayed on national outlets.  Others think it is an easy profession and simply want to collect a check.  If you believe you want to make radio your career feel free to visit our offices on 7th and Chickasha Ave in Chickasha for an application.  Currently, we have a staff with over 175 years of radio experience and none are going anywhere in the near future.  That said, you never know what tomorrow holds.  If you are impressive enough you've got 90 days to prove your worth.


A few helpful hints for prospective applicants:

  • The first question out of your mouth should not be 'how much does it pay'.
  • Do not present yourself smelling of cigarettes and/or alcohol.
  • Showing up in shorts and flip flops will not make the cut of a second interview.
  • Do not waste our time with the process simply because you 'think' you could do a good job.


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